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A guide to rigging RED cameras

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Offering a fully immersive training environment, REDucation provides the on-set and post-production experience needed to feel confident when shooting with any of REDs professional cameras. This is real-world training taught by industry professionals. REDucation is tailored for all skill levels, from students to working professionals.

RED cameras deliver stunning resolution and image quality - creating clean and organic images that bring your footage to life. With features like cable-free peripherals, integrated media bay, wireless control, and more - DSMC2 is also compatible with a growing arsenal of modules and accessories - from RED and other Third-Party manufacturers. A port expander or power module is required to power the camera.

This new image pipeline delivers on a host of benefits including better management of challenging colours, smoother highlight roll-off and a standardised colour space and gamma.

RED also features a proprietary file format, which efficiently encodes image data in a way that maximises the post-production flexibility of RAW files and makes capturing higher resolutions manageable for anyone.

The Sigma mm 1. Internal focusing and zooming allows for more usability and functionality. The mm is ideal for landscape photography, portrait photography, still life photography, snap shots, casual photography, and close-ups and the Hyper Sonic Motor HSM ensures smooth, fast and accurate autofocusing. A 9 blade rounded diaphragm also creates beautiful background blur. RED offers sample R3D files for testing purposes.

Use of the footage is for internal testing purposes only, and may not be used for any other purposes, whether commercial or non-commercial. RED retains all copyrights in the footage.

CVP Group is unique in the UK in that it is owned and managed by broadcast and professional video practitioners who have direct front-line user experience of the products they sell.This is a classic RED moment.

Using their own reduser. This new RED Ranger camera is a rental-only item. It doesnt really make sense unless you buy at least 10 of them. The rental houses were smart and after a discussion I had with them as a group at cinegear, this is the result. So the Red Ranger can be seen as a custom built-to-order camera. Land notes that anyone could inquire about such a custom camera, but you would have to order a ton of them. This typical RED announcement leaves us with lots of room for chatter and speculations.

Remember this freaky RED Helium beast of a camera? So it appears that RED likes to build custom cameras. You just need to have very deep pockets or an A-list directors name on your ID card.

In most cases you need to spend the same amount on additional modules and accessories. This Ranger concept would give us a complete camera in one package which, to me, would be nice. How about you? Links: reduser. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

dsmc2 future / dsmc3 delay

Olaf von Voss. Author of this post: Olaf von Voss. Olaf von Voss is a freelance cameraman who is in business for nearly a decade. He is living in Berlin, Germany but has traveled the world as well while shooting mostly music related documentaries and shows.

Not only did they not hit that target, but ever since they have been traveling the path of ever greater cost. An unobtanium rental option is the final endpoint of that, which is precisely what Panavision has always been. So let me get this straight……. Or purchase an Alexa mini and get a camera thats actually widely used in modern day cinema and TV????

Let me take a few minutes to examine my options Jared!!!!! We only send updates about our most relevant articles.

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Results 1 to 3 of 3. I would be very happy to continue with DSMC2 for a while yet. I've just upgraded from Scarlet-W to Gemini in December and would love to hear it will still be top of the line -ish 2 when Corona has passed. I'd even pay for meaningful software updates and will for sure get on board with Komodo. I could even see myself upgrading to Monstro if it ever comes down to 10K for the sensor swap.

Anyway, whatever happens, I'll have to stick with DSMC2 until the camera has paid itself and then some. I just wish we could start a trend in the industry to maintain platforms for longer. This crisis has been a reminder to make do with less and how important cash reserves are. Some assurance would put my mind at ease and some more time will be sure to make DSMC3 even better when it does come put.

Cheers Sean. I wouldn't think with everything that is happening DMSC3 will be released until Just a guess. Impossible to truly know for sure really what the real short term and long term ramifications of all of this means for camera manufacturers. What I will say is I have confirmed with other manufacturers who were due to announce at NAB and release later in that both the announcement and production run of those cameras has been delayed.

In a couple cases into That won't be true for every manufacturer and likely not true for every planned camera release as some were in different stages of development.

RED DSMC2 OLED EVF and Mount Pack

But if it's any comfort to you, I'd say not to worry given your timeline as "lets pretend" if it somehow miraculously appears at the end of the year you'll still have months of potential work, likely years even with your Gemini just like DSMC cameras are still working today. And we certainly have no idea what the upgrade options are, but RED usually rides out an upgrade path for a long while and even along the way with DSMC2 upgrades they provided many surprise extensions or inclusions.

I know many people who couldn't upgrade to DSMC2 immediately for instance, but did a bit later into the timeline. But yeah, this is a we'll wait and see. We don't even know what the production world looks like post Covid and what exactly that will do to all sorts of equipment manufacturers as well as camera owners and rental houses.

The only thing we know right now is Komodo has been in development and is coming out. It's likely been impacted in some ways from all this, but it appears the drum beats on.

RED Ranger Announced – It’s Not For Sale, Rental Only

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While this move from Federated to Integrated Architectures [18] opens new possibilities for further increase of embedded electronics in future embedded systems, it raises a number of challenging issues:? LTTA: why and what? However, the TTA approach carries cost and timing penalties that may not be acceptable for some applications.

Indeed, jitter with smaller delays is preferred to? Also, TTA is not easily implementable for long wires such as in systems where control intelligence is widely distributed or for wireless communications. Finally and most importantly, re-designs are costly, due to the need for a global re-design of Time-Division multiplexing of the different functions or tasks. LTT architectures are widely used in embedded systems industries. The authors are personally aware of cases in aeronautics [21], nuclear, automation, and rail industries where the LTTA architecture with limited clock deviations has been used with success.

It is indeed the architecture of choice for railway systems, in which tracks are used as the communication medium and computing systems are carried by the trains and work autonomously, see?The upgrade automatically runs at power up.

After approximately 15 seconds, the LEDs stop flashing and the camera powers down. Nothing displays on the external monitors during the upgrade. The camera may take 30 seconds or longer to upgrade all the attached modules. All Rights Reserved. Download the most recent firmware from www.

Unzip the firmware zip file. Power up the camera. All rights reserved. Javascript is disabled on your browser. To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser. Version 7. Download the firmware upgrade from red.

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Refer to the Operation Guide, available at red. Preset files created only on v4. User Preset, Look, and Custom Overlay files will be preserved across upgrades of v6. It can take the camera up to 8. The LCD displays a progress screen during the update. If your camera loses power during the update, turn your camera back on. The LCD upgrade restarts. Ensure the camera is powered down. After the camera powers down, remove the SSD and wait 10 seconds.

Reformat the SSD before recording to it. Secure Format media before using Pre-Record.

RED Gemini 5K DSMC2: Menu Overview

The horizon feature requires Gyro calibration be completed prior to use. Image Magnify is available during preview only. Copyright c RED. Power up the DSMC. Version 6. Please perform an Auto-Cal after upgrading from v6. I agree to the terms and conditions download.Not ideal. The ship date is expected to be sometime in January, in V-Lock iteration only, with an Anton Bauer version planned for release later in the year.

Just ask anyone who owns a RED camera. There are many workarounds and solutions, but no perfect answer. Comment below. Fergle Gibson. Author of this post: Fergle Gibson. I own a RED myself, but no way I would buy this. I think I might have been guilty of this at one time too. And typically camera companies are not building great preamps. Gotta hand it to RED, they certainly know how to milk their customers!! What with the new and universally panned Red Hydrogen phone, it really seems RED have lost their way.

We only send updates about our most relevant articles. No spam, guaranteed! And if you don't like our newsletter, you can unsubscribe with a single click. Read our full opt-out policy here. All Rights Reserved. Login Now. Search for:. VAT In Stock. Send a message to Fergle Gibson.By nathlasNovember 22, In: Cameras.

Definitely out of my budget, but I am glad to see another foray into global shutter. I don't think any other cameras have that? Blacknagic tried with the Ursa 4.

Portachiavi mizuki kimmidoll (prezioso)

I wonder if it is a global shutter sensor, or whether they use some other technology like their old motion mount. I am curious as to what kind of dynamic range it will have. Plus it's a RED!!! They said on the red forums that it was all designed in house, but they will use someone else's "oven". Looks like RED is getting worried about all the cheap alternatives out now or maybe they just want to expand their reach.

Either way if it has great AF it will be amazing. Just the name might get me to buy one at that price. It sounds like an effort to avoid criticism that they are now using non proprietary media storage.

I haven't heard many rumors of a Canon prosumer mirrorless camera with IBIS and good video specs - but if they continue to let folks like Red use their RF mount - that is a good start for their new mount. I am curious if folks like Blackmagic will start using it as well. The more competition the better, since all of us can reap the benefits. Yeah exactly, if the price is right I might get one too. This camera is going to be huge if they get a few things right. Battery choice is perfect.

Non-proprietary media is awesome. Large then Suoer35 sensor for 1.

dsmc2 future / dsmc3 delay

Redcode is still the friendliest raw format for file size or quality. Love the size and modularity for gimbal or handheld or travel work. Can use a host of monitors. RF lenses are getting better and better. PDAF could be incredilble, but we'll see what Red can do in this arena. Of all the cameras I've used, the Red Helium and Gemini still have the best image quality by far.

So throw that into the mix. Excited for this camera. This cam does much or most of what they do. And in some ways more.


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