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Page of 64 Go. Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Table of Contents. Icom IC Instruction Manual 87 pages. Icom ic Instruction Manual 72 pages. Use Icom microphones only supplied or optional. Connects to ground. Goes to ground when transmitting. SEND When grounded, transmits. Data line for the optional AT Band voltage output. Page Installation And Connections In this case, an antenna tuner is useful to match the transceiver and antenna.

Low SWR allows full power for transmitting even when using the antenna tuner. Refer to the diagrams below. If this level is exceeded, a large external relay must be used. Page Frequency Setting n When first applying power B e f o r e f i r s t a p p l y i n g p o w e rm a k e s u r e a l l connections required for your system are complete by referring to Chapter 3. You can call up a desired frequency to the VFO with the keypad or the memory transfer function see p. Note: Even if you select the ham band, you can set the transceiver to the general coverage frequency.

Page 20 The noise reduction function reduces noise components and picks out desired signals which are buried in noise. The filter selection is automatically memorized in each mode. Page Filter Setting n Filter setting When an optional filter is installed, set the optional filters in initial set mode. Optional filters are not selected by default.

icom 718 62

Once the tuner matches an antenna, the variable capacitor angles are memorized as a preset point for each frequency range kHz steps. Therefore, when you change the frequency range, the variable capacitors are automatically preset to the memorized point.

Both keying speed and weight the ratio of dot : space : dash can be set in quick set mode.

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Page Memory Operation n Memory channels The transceiver has memory channels. The memory mode is very useful for quickly changing to often-used frequencies. Page Frequency Transferring n Frequency transferring The frequency and operating mode in a memory channel can be transferred to the VFO.

Page Set Mode General Set mode is used for programming infrequently changed values or conditions of functions.

All Things iCOM

The IC has 2 separate set modes: quick set mode and initial set mode. The RF output power can be adjusted from L, 1 to 99 and H for indication, however, it can be adjusted continuously.For more on the iCOM settings, see below. These had no microphone preamplifier, it was built into the microphone. The ADI and ADIM include blocking capacitors that prevent the phantom power supplied by the radio from affecting the performance of the dynamic elements.

If you try to use the ADiC or ADiCM adapter cable on a dynamic-element microphone, the lack of a blocking capacitor will cause the element to seize up, and no output will be heard.

Heil Sound recently introduced the model PR dynamic microphone, which sounds simply wonderful on modern Icoms. This voltage must be blocked for use of Heil Sound dynamic elements. Click here to view pinout information for hundreds of rigs, mics, and connectors.

When using a dynamic element on rigs like iCOMS, which were designed for electret microphone elements, one must not be afraid to do two things: 1 utilize the full range of Mic Gain available, and 2 turn on the Compression, using the Compression Level control as a secondary Mic Gain control if necessary. Monitoring of your signal is particularly important when setting Menu item Q4, which has a huge effect on your transmitted tonal quality.

But forget actual numbers. Always adjust mic gain by watching the ALC meter. Hold it for three seconds to change one. Quickly tap it for the other. Wide is 2. Mid is 2. The iCOM is a terrific value. Great receiver, full coverage. It will NOT support dynamic microphones. The supplied hand microphone — as ALL hand mics, sounds hollow and mushy. They will be very low in gain.

3.1 Icom CI-V Bus Adressing

The iCM is the perfect match for the iC Set the microphone gain to 70 and with the stock bandwidth of 2. Set the Transmit Bandwidth to Wide Hzand you will be the talk of the band!

Just contact your dealer to get the HSTA Adapter Cable, and the Traveler should work perfectly using the factory default settings on the rig. Truly a game changer in the amateur radio transceiver market. The is a terrific value.

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Great receiver, full coverage through 6 meters. The PRO 7-iC has the appropriate cable included and will sound wonderful with a Usual mic gain will be set between 65 to Pay attention to the ALC. Compression On at, 1 or 2. Never any more. You will want to listen to your signal in a second receiver and make small minor adjustments to tailor the audio you desire.

The receiver also has a great equalization circuit so adjust the treble and bass to your listening preference. Borrowing technology from the recording studios, DC power is applied via the mic line to energize the electret elements used in stock Icom microphones.Th is manual contains important safety and operating instructions for the IC NEVER attach an antenna or internal antenna connector during transmission.

ICOM IC-718 HF All Band Transceiver

This may Goes to ground when transmi Keep the shipping cartons. Refer to the diagrams below. Both tuners will not function correctly. Then, reset the transceiver using the following procedure. You can call up a desired frequency to the VFO with the keypad or the memory trans fer function se e p.

icom 718 62

You can also change the frequency with D Direct frequency entry with keypad The transceiver has a keypad for direct frequency entry as described below. Note: For example, if 6. Programmable step tuning Hz — kHz Selectable for each mode.

The lock function electronically locks the dial. Push [LOCK] mom The function automatically attenuates more than 3 beat tones, tuning signals, etc. The auto notch functions in SSB mode only. The filter selection is automatically memorized in each mode. Optional filters are not selected by default. The A T automatic antenna tuner matches the IC to the connected antenna automatically. Once the tuner matches an antenna, the variable capacitor angles are memorized as a preset point f or each frequency range kHz steps.

Therefore, when y ou change the frequency range, the variable capacitors are automatically preset to the memorize The tuner and transceiv er will be damaged. NEVER oper F ollowing is an e xample of setting 7.Aimed as an entry-level product, the IC continues all the traditions of high quality engineering that you would expect from Icom.

Conveniently sized and easy to operate, the IC utilises all the latest RF and digital technology and is designed to be one of the most practical rigs ever! The IC offers an excellent overall specification coupled with ease of use.

The first thing that strikes you about the IC is its similarity to the IC-R75 and more importantly that the speaker is mounted on the front panel of the transceiver. With the speaker facing the operator audio can now be more clearly heard during operation. As you would expect, an all mode, general coverage receiver is built in and covers 30kHz This combined with a 4-element system mixer ensures truly superior performance.

The IC is equipped with a minimum number of switches and controls for ease of use. For example, the key pad on the front panel allows you to directly enter an operating frequency, or access a memory channel.

The auto tuning steps function speeds up tuning through the bands but only activates when turning the dial quickly. The band stacking register ensures that you always return to the last used frequency when changing bands. To reject interference, the IC has an IF shift function which shifts the centre frequency of the IF passband electronically to reduce nearby interference. A microphone compressor ensures really punchy audio to get your signal through in difficult operating conditions.

The compression level is easily adjustable from the front panel. This function really makes a difference when propagation conditions are poor. RF gain control is combined with the squelch control.

The RF gain adjusts minimum response receiver gain and improves reception on the noisier bands. The CW pitch is variable from Hz and the keyer speed goes up to 60 wpm! Full break in capability is available with an adjustable break-in delay. The IC has a total of memory channels, which stores operating frequency and mode. The major difference between the PS and our current model PS is its capacity.

The PS has a maximum 25 A capacity.Each message frame sent to a rig or received from a rig contains two adresses. The destination to-adress and the sender from-adress. Each model has it's own default CI-V adress, which can be changed by the user.

If two or more rigs of the same model are used on the bus or level converteryou need to change the adresses of the rigs, each individual rig must have it's own, distinct adress. That range was exhausted in with the IC But Icom has been happily using addresses above the originally specified range without any issue. With a rate of 1 to 2 new rigs per year that leaves room until or so :. But then there are the odd addresses which haven't been used at all in amateur radio products. Each Icom model has it's own, distinct default adress.

Each model was given a new default adress when it came out. The user can change the default adress if required. On older rigs this was done by re- soldering some diodes, on newer rigs the adress can be changed by setup through the front panel or even by CI-V commands. The following is a nearly complete table of all known adresses from CI-V capable rigs, not only by Icom.

The same list, sorted by adresses. Since Icom assigned adresses in an ascending order when new radios came out, it gives a historical overview of the rigs appearance on the market mostly, with some irregularities and gaps.

This list shows only Icom rigs, not those of other vendors capable of the CI-V protocol. The years when the rigs appeared on the market are from my memory, info gathered at work or from www.

To-adress is the 3rd byte in a frame, from-adress the 4th byte. But to my knowledge no rig really cares where the messages come from, so any adress could be used as from-adress.


These values must not be used as adresses. Default adresses Each Icom model has it's own, distinct default adress.The IC is equipped with a minimum number of buttons and controls for simple feature selection.

icom 718 62

The key pad on the front panel allows direct entry of an operating frequency or a memory channel number. The auto tuning step function is activated when turning the dial quickly and helps speed up tuning. The band stacking register is convenient when changing operating bands. The IC has the speaker mounted on the front panel. With the speaker facing the operator, audio will be heard clearly and directly while operating. The optional DSP unit gives you noise reduction and auto notch filter functions for extra receiver performance.

The LCD display may have cosmetic imperfections that appear as small or dark spots.


This is not a malfunction or defect, but a normal characteristic of LCD displays. All stated specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation. We use cookies to improve your online experience of this website.

If you continue to browse without changing your settings, we will assume that you are agreeing to our use of cookies. You can also click the "Agree" button to accept our policy, then this message does not appear in the future. Simple Operation The IC is equipped with a minimum number of buttons and controls for simple feature selection.

The IC has 0. General Frequency coverage Differs according to version Tx: 1.

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Hand microphone DC power cable Spare fuses May differ depending on the version. Tx: 1. SSB 2.When you subscribe, you receive only messages for the product you have subscribed to. You can check your current subscriptions and remove yourself from subscriptions at any time by visiting the Reviews Home page and clicking on the 'here' box under Subscriptions. If you have comments, questions, or problems with this procedure please write to the Forums Manager. We'll send a copy of the review along with your introduction.

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Icom IC-718 HF Radio Overview & CB Mod Info

Reviews Home. The Icom IC is the perfect rig for those who like me want something affordable and easy to operate. Touch screens and menus do not interest me. What interests me is a rig that I can put on the air and operate without having to refer to the manual before I can turn it on.

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This rig just works. It's not fancy.

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It just works. I actually have two of them as I bought a second one with the intention of running hf mobile with it. But since I traded vehicles before I could do so and this won't fit in my new onethe second one is in my shack and i use it as a receiver for my SWL activities for which it works phenomenally well.

If there was anything I would change on this transceiver, it would be: A: have the option for two internal filters so I could have a CW filter AND a SSB filter B: have the ability to turn the keyer on and off with a button on the front panel instead of having to go into the internal setup menu I like to switch between a straight key and a paddle and I'd love to be able to leave them both connected at the same time with a "Y" cord.

Having owned this rig for a little over a year now I remain convinced I made the right choice. While it isn't the perfect rig for everyone, it is the perfect rig for me. Time Owned: more than 12 months. I swap them out every six months.


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