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Advanced Search. Results 1 to 4 of 4. Thread: Auto follow command? Auto follow command? Hi, let's say I have a friend or party member somewhere in the lobby.

I don't know where they are. Is there some sort of command I can use to automatically run towards them and follow them? Or alternatively, something that will indicate where they are regardless of distance? You can follow someone by double tapping "v" but I think this only works when the player is close to you. In the map you can see other player in the zoomed in map you see the direction when they are not in the depicted area.

And you can open a large map by pressing "n".

pso2 auto run

Other than that I don't know how to help you That's plenty, thanks a lot! Originally Posted by Ogni-XR Monsters following you into the hallway? Trade good for the following Mags. Anyone know how to turn Auto Disconnect off? Site News Forum Gallery.

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Connect With Us. All logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. Digital Point modules: Sphinx-based search.Choose the top option to go to the AC Shop. Drawing a Scratch Card. Choose the second option to go to pull a scratch card.

pso2 auto run

The Scratch menu lists the currently available scratch cards you can play. I actually have an issue with the scratch tickets post-Episode 4 update. Whenever I try to do any one of the scratches, my PSO2 will just load infinitely, with the loading circle being on my screen forever until I restart the client. Is this a bug or is there someway to solve this? I bought a second mag pass, but I can't find the ticket nor the additional mag? Where do I go to claim the items I've purchased?

Did they remove it? No, the xbox version will release its own scratches which is a mix of several scratches in the JP version. You'll have to wait until the xbox version releases a scratch for the clothing you want or hope they show up in other areas of the game. If i'm understanding this correctly you're complaining that a free game is funding itself via micro-transactions?

Think about what you're saying. Should everybody involved in maintaining and developing the game be working for free? Now that would be unfair. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of new posts by email.

ESO List of Controls and Keyboard Commands

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. What is the AC Store? The AC Store allows you to purchase extra features to expand your enjoyability of the game. This includes items like extra Mags, extra skill trees, expanded storage, and more! You need to purchase Arks Cash to use this store. What is included in the Premium Set?

Item Trading with other players. Twice the earned FUN Points. Twice the earned Login Stamps. Access to the My Shop, allowing you to sell items from your inventory or storage to other players. Access to Premium-only Blocks and the exclusive premium space on all blocks. Access to the premium craft line Increased amount of Collection Files obtainable by 2.

What is AC Scratch? The AC Scratch is a "gacha," which is essentially a lottery in which you draw a scratch card to win a prize. The items included in the AC Scratch are changed throughout the course of the year.Advanced Search.

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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of AFAIK, there isn't a button to instantly turn around. But you'd have to dig through the menus to see if its something you can set. Just to make sure we have a clear understanding here.

The normal PSO view mode, and the shooting mode are just activated by pressing a button defaults to R3 on a PS3 controller. The buttons do not change when you go into this mode.

It still has the exact same controls as when you are normally playing, except you no longer can lock on to targets. Last edited by Itsuki; Feb 3, at AM. Originally Posted by maki Ah ok. Thanks for your help guys. Elsword Online Characters NA:. Originally Posted by Serephim. You just need to turn around lol. Fast precision controls don't really help you on this game with Ranger, because the ranger attacks are not really designed like an FPS game's. You can aim for the head all you want, but there's always a specific decay on the weapon, and enemies move alot more than in an FPS game.

So more than anything, you just need to know the timing of the PA and the distance. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. Site News Forum Gallery. Connect With Us. All logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. Digital Point modules: Sphinx-based search.You may be surprised to see how much you can control with your keyboard in the Elder Scrolls Online, and how you can speed up your gameplay with key bindings.

The following control keys provide shortcuts to many of the most frequently used commands:. UI menus often contain several sub-menus.

pso2 auto run

Accessible sub-menus are displayed directly beneath these icons in text and can be navigated to by clicking the menu name. Left Mouse Button — Attack with equipped weapon. E — Interact use, talk, gather F — Interact with another player.

Account name can be used with an symbol before the full name. Closes game window entirely. To leave or modify a group: Navigate to the group menu in the Social window O and right-click the player name you want to change or remove.

Followed by a space, and then the text to send. Zone-wide chat. Fuuny that Macs are so much more advanced than any other computer in existence. HAH how is a prebuilt over priced pc better than anything custom built?

Custom built means i know what i have i know i can fix it i know its compattible with everything i know what im paying for and the actual value of it and i know what is actually in it.

Ps2 manual eject

Plus i can pick and choose what i want to pay for based on knowing what i am going to use the pc for. Lol the old apple vs PC.

Macman is seduced by the darkside of marketing. But its ok, some of us must play the lemmings. Producers and Execs always are amazed at how I can do things so much better and usually faster than my counterparts.

Basically I am not stuck in the core of an Apple like a box. The one thing that keeps apple around is people that are afraid to learn more than pushing the same button to get the same results….

Allow app auto run on Samsung mobile phone

Oh forgot to mention Macman, Advanced? I happen to be able to do so because I can get a non-propietary GPU. For Mac users, the controls listed are for a full keyboard layout. I stumbled upon this whole mac vs pc debate. I just have to say something about this. Macs were so advanced that they only needed ONE button for their mouse!

LOL, I hope you got my sarcasm poe, I know. What do they have now? Full mouse support. Because PCs were doing it much better for so long.Phantasy Star Online 2 can be installed via multiple methods, but for the sake of this guide, we'll only focus on 2 of them.

Please note that your system is capable of installing PSO2. You can do this by checking your system requirements against the minimum requirements below.

This guide however, will not cover on installing the game via the official stock launcher. Click here for the Torrent method Click here for the Tweaker method. Arks-Layer This Guide. Getting Started Various Methods. If you already have PSO2 installed, click here to skip to the Tweaker configuration portion of the guide.

If you have not done so, see this guide here.

Playing Phantasy Star Online on PC!

This is for the Japanese version of PSO2! If you're looking for install instructions for the North American version, click here!

Do's and Don'ts with Auto Chat in PSO2

A high speed broadband connection is required. Storage and graphics requirements will change without notice. By installing a BitTorrent client and downloading the associated. By installing or downloading the PSO2 Tweaker, an 3rd party launcher that we've created, you can allow the Tweaker to download the game for you. Installing the game via the official launcher can be done as well. By copying the game's installation folder from a friend the folder in which PSO2 is installed on to a large enough drive at least 60GB or morethe game can be played without having to install the game.Race is one of the two defining and unchangeable properties of a player character, the other being gender.

This allows the player increased freedom in selecting a race based solely on available cosmetic options as opposed to gameplay influence.

Phantasy Star Online 2 features 4 different races to choose from, each coming in male and female variety:. Humans are the first race created by the Photoners based on their high Photon compatibility, and serve as the basis for all other races. Humans sport balanced attributes and are adept at essentially anything, between melee, ranged, and Technique capabilities, they can do it all. While they can ably wield other weapons, they are unrivaled in their ability to learn, use, and withstand photon powers.

They are an offshoot of Humans that maximized photon ability via genetic manipulation. The fully robotic CAST has all the strength and endurance one would expect from beings of their kind. While weak in their ability to handle photon arts due to their artificial bodies, their precision and fighting abilities are unmatched. CASTs have the unique ability to hover instead of walking, when the option is selected via the Salon Shop.

The memories of those before transplantation into the CAST frame are usually lost in the process, leading to some CASTs to wonder if they had consented prior to transferring to their new bodies. Dewmans are a damage focused race.

They have lower defensive stats, but higher offensive stats. They have a horn on their head and have different colored eyes. Males have one horn, while females have two. Dewmans are the direct result of experimentation of splicing Darker DNA with that of a biological host. This allow recessive Darker genes in them that gives them a powerful boost in photon control, allowing them to achieve high potential of utilizing their photons in the classes they master.

They are distinctively similar to Humans with the exception of their horns and artificial photon eye. Phantasy Star Online 2 features 4 different races to choose from, each coming in male and female variety: Contents. Category : Races. Remember me. Close Save changes.We have the option to pick what apps to run in the background automatically when we start or restart our mobile phone. I was configuring a security app trying to lock Settings and Gallery app on Samsung Galaxy phone following this guide to lock apps, photos and videos on Android mobile.

I found the apps are not locked each time my phone get rebooted. I must have missed something in the settings.

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Turning on auto run to allow this private data locker to start automatically in the background did the trick. If anyone wants a app to auto start on Samsung phone, you can follow below instructions. This is the easiest way to auto start an app on the phone. When you download and install a new app, if you see the application permission request dialogue with the auto run option, you can select to enable it.

See below figure. Some Samsung phone model also have this option built into the App info screen. Touch to activate auto run to allow the selected app to run automatically and keep it running in the background without interruption. Some third party apps also has the feature to manage app auto run. Cases in point?

pso2 auto run

Clean Master is a perfect example. Head to the Phone Boost section of this app, you can find the Autostart Manager where you can choose to enable autorun or disable it.

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This app however requires root access on the phone. Without rooting you can not use the autorun manager tool within this app. After that, the app you stop cannot auto run unless you open the app on your mobile phone again.

Of course, you can also use third party autorun manager apps to achieve that. Method 1. Allow app auto run during installation This is the easiest way to auto start an app on the phone. Method 2.

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